I’m angrier than a GrubHub driver who didn’t get a tip.  That’s because the Department of Justice, which is supposed to be looking out for us, is suing Oklahoma over one state law that makes an illegal’s presence in the state, you know, illegal.  The lawsuit was filed yesterday and all because the DOJ doesn’t like the penalty: two years in state prison if you’re here illegally.

The DOJ should be suing states that don’t enact such a law.  Here Oklahoma is trying to do the right thing by getting rid of illegals any which way it can, and now comes along the DOJ to enable illegals.  What a joke!

The DOJ is whining that Oklahoma’s law violates the Constitution and seeks an order forbidding the state to enforce it.  I’m not sure what part of the Constitution the DOJ is messing its diapers over, but I’m pretty certain it’s perfectly legal to rid oneself of illegals.  That’s why they’re called illegals…because they’re, you know, illegal.

Hopefully, Oklahoma will prevail, because all they’re trying to do is the right thing.  Leave it to our government to punish them for that!