Could there actually be a civil war?

I’m angrier than a patriot who has to seal with a snarky DemocRAT.  I’m angry because every day, our country becomes less and less great.  It was great by the time American hero Donald Trump left office.  But when he handed the reins over to pedophile PFN Joe Biden, the country almost immediately lost its greatness.  That should be enough to make any true American vomit!

Over the past few days, there has been a lot of chatter on X about the potential for a civil war.  Hell, our country’s already had one, so another one isn’t unreasonable to expect.  In fact, people are discussing that potential on the internet and on the cable news networks.  Does that mean we should hunker down and prepare?  Probably not, but it would be arrogant to assume that another civil war won’t happen.

Our nation’s first, and so far only, civil war commenced on April 12, 1861 and raged on until April 9, 1865.  That’s a pretty long civil war!  Numerous lives were lost, property was ruined and it almost ruined our fine country.  But we made it.

The Civil War had many causes and didn’t just pop up overnight.  It took many years before things bubbled over and exploded into war.  One of the issues was slavery.  The southern states liked the fact that their affluence was accomplished on the backs of slaves.  The final straw, however, came when Abraham Lincoln was elected president.  After that happened, seven states seceded.

South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas all took their toys and went home because they didn’t get their way.

Ultimately, the war was pointless and childish.  People got bees in their bonnets over the smallest thing.  But the alarming thing is that civil war broke out after Lincoln got elected.

Could that happen again?

In November, it’s all going to come down to Trump and Biden.  What will happen?  I personally predict that a new civil war will break out if Biden is re-elected.  After all, the DemocRATS have done nothing but harm our grand country.  Trump, on the other hand, took charge immediately and when he’s re-elected, he will do the same.

But how will people receive the next president?  Could a war really break out?  No one has a crystal ball with which to look into the future.  If Trump loses, true patriots will rise up and rebel.  That could enrage the DemocRATS and things could once again boil over.  Given how much technology has evolved since then, any new civil war would likely last days, not years.

One way or another, things are going to go sideways regardless of who returns to the White House.  The question is: how will our nation handle it?  Can we all just pretend to get along, or will Republicans merely stand up for what’s right, consequences be damned?

Time will tell.  But I will say this: a true patriot will vote for Trump.  A vote for Biden is more spit in the eyes of the American people and if Biden wins, which is looking less and less likely as each day goes by, then things are going to get ugly, because we know that we Republicans are true patriots and we will take our country back if the DemocRATs somehow pull off a win.

Are you ready to stand tall for your country?