You can’t be Catholic AND trans!

I’m angrier than a copper thief with no place to store his ill-gotten gains over the fact that people like this exist.  I speak specifically of Christian Matson, a Catholic monk, who has “come out” as transgender.  Before going any further, I just have to state the obvious: you can’t be Catholic and trans.  It’s one or the other and that’s not up for debate.

It’s quite possible that Matson is the first monk to come out as transgender, but that has not been confirmed.  Regardless, what it has chosen to do with its life is unnatural and disgusting.  Of course it shouldn’t be in the role that it’s in to begin with.

The Catholic Church, like any recent religion, does not look kindly upon homosexuality and transgenderism.  Matson apparently did this with the permission of its bishop.  I can’t imagine any sane bishop giving someone permission to do this in the first place, but what bishop would approve of it telling the world?

What’s sad is that it “transitioned,” and then joined the Catholic Church.  What priest would approve the baptism and confirmation of a transgender freak of nature?

Homosexuality and transgenderism are both serious mental illnesses.  There’s no other way to put it.  If you want to be with someone of the same gender or if you want to mock God and take it upon yourself to pretend to change your gender, you are mentally ill and for these illnesses, there is no cure.

I have to wonder why no one is denying Communion to Matson.  What it’s doing is wrong and is beyond a mortal sin.  I can tell you this: I will never accept any trans person as being a true Catholic.  There’s a reason why you can’t be gay or trans and be a priest.  It’s all about decency, morals and adherence to God’s word.

Matson should do the right thing and leave the Church, since it’s clearly not all in.

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