You vape, you die

I’m angrier than a firefighter without a hose over this next story, because it outrages me when I see stupid people do stupid things.  So it is in the matter of Jake Melton, 15.  The Arkansas teen wound up in the hospital because he chose to vape, something that is becoming more dangerous than actual cigarettes.

He did so much vaping that his urine actually turned black.  Not yellow.  Not clear.  Blacker than a thug using his food stamps black.

Things were so bad that he became severely dehydrated and his kidneys were at risk of failing.  Melton was down for the count for about thirty hours.  Even after all of that drama, Melton is apparently abandoning common sense and he intends to keep on vaping.

You have to be a total retard to vape in the first place, but to keep on going after the habit nearly kills him?  He’s the ultimate retard of the day.

If anything, Melton should be held up as a shining example…of precisely what not to do!  Based on the newspaper article, it sounds as if he’s not going to be content until he’s six feet under.  He’s fifteen, which means he’s old enough to know the difference between right and wrong.  Vaping and, for that matter, smoking is wrong.  Very wrong.

Because he’s bringing this all upon himself, I have no sympathy for him.  He just doesn’t get it, does he?