Score one for Christ!

I’m angrier than a blogger who can’t come up with an “I’m anger than” line.  But that’s my cross to bear.  Speaking of crosses, Louisiana is one step closer to requiring the Ten Commandments to be displayed in every classroom of every school and university that received public funding.

The vote was 30-8.  All eight of the dissenters were, big surprise, DemocRATS.  Clearly, the DemocRATic party is Christ-hating.  If this law is actually passed, then it’ll be a major win for Christianity and Christians in general.  I’m surprised that this hasn’t been made a law before.  It’s a common sense move.

Known for now as House Bill 71, the law, if passed, would help bring things back to where they need to be: a Christ-based country.  After all, it still says, “In God We Trust” on our paper money, so let’s go all in.  Go large or go home.  Putting Christ in all schools, public or private, should be the highest priority in our country right now.

Christians have been persecuted in our nation’s schools and it’s time for that to stop.  We didn’t kill Jesus Christ.  We worship Him.  That’s why pro-Jew propaganda has no home in our nation’s schools.

It’s almost certain that HB 71 will pass, so let’s break out the Ten Commandments and get to work!