Were they properly trained?

I’m angrier than a Baptist who’s not allowed to dance, because this next story is the only thing popping this early in the morning.  It seems that three people were struck by a train in North Tonawanda, New York on Friday evening.  All three died.

Amongst the dead are a sixty-nine year old, a sixty-six year old and a six-year-old boy.  They were struck by an Amtrak train.  No one aboard the train, all of whom were merely minding their own business, were injured.

Apparently, the three were in a pickup truck that got trapped in between gates at a crossing.  Whomever was driving the truck was not properly trained.  Oh, wait a minute…they definitely got trained correctly on Friday!

How does someone even get trapped?  Was the driver trying to get over the tracks while the gates were coming down as opposed to, you know, stopping and being patient?  No one’s talking, but that seems to me to be the most probable scenario.