That’s what happens, idiots

I’m angrier than an iPhone user who just found out their “deleted” photos have come back to haunt them over this next story.  It really angers me when I saw people who brought it upon themselves beg for mercy.  So it is with this story, folks.

At least three American citizens, rumored to be agents with the CIA, are in a heap of trouble in Congo.  Two of them are seen on video begging like paupers for mercy after being arrested, apparently as a result of being thought to be involved in a failed coup attempt.

The three are among a total of fifty who were arrested and immediately put under interrogation.

The details of this story really don’t matter to me.  If you’re going to be stupid enough to go to a hostile country like Congo, well, that’s what happens.  They would be free men if they’d simply stayed home here in the States.  But, no, they had to be heroes, didn’t they?

It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, but in countries such as that, their justice system is way different than ours.  It’s not unreasonable to think that our countrymen could be executed, probably by beheading.  Let’s see what happens.  But remember: they brought this upon themselves.  No sympathy.