Did Israel just sign its own death warrant?

I’m angrier than a janitor with no mop over this story, because I was asleep when news broke overnight.  In an unusual move, in the wee hours of the morning, pretty much all major news outlets pushed out an alert that confirmed what I suggested last night.  Iran’s president, Ebrahim Raisi, was in fact killed in a helicopter crash.

Iran made it very clear, according to several sources, that if they found even an iota of proof that Israel was behind the crash, the world would see retaliation like never before.  For its part, Israel has emphatically insisted that it had nothing to do with the crash.  A likely story from a proven bully!

An unnamed official told Reuters that, “it wasn’t us.”  Outstanding!  The fairy freakin’ godmother did it!  Someone’s going to pay, and it looks like Israel is suspect number one.

What’s interesting is that Iranians seem to actually be celebrating Raisi’s untimely demise.  Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, has stated that the country will observe five days of mourning.  Just as there are people who are reveling in Raisi’s death, there are those who are mourning.  Iran’s an interesting country that way.

Iran’s obviously going to start digging to find which country did it.  For now, Israel seems to be guilty, despite their claims to the contrary.  Remember, Israel has a long history of being a bully, so why would anything be different now?

As for me, I’m grabbing a Coke and some popcorn and I’ll be sitting back, patiently waiting for Iran to make good on its threat.  I’d love to see Iran and its allies, such as Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah, to name just a few, wipe it off the map.

If Israel did it, as I suspect that they did, then I have to sort of go ahead and wonder if our DemocRAT president, PFN Joe Biden, will drag us into the conflict.  In matters such as this, the threat of nuclear war becomes a step closer to reality.

Hopefully, Biden will keep us out of this one.  But given that he’s pissing away our resources on Israel, a country of Jews, a people who had a hand in murdering our Lord and Savior, that can never reimburse us, we’ll probably be dragged into a conflict with Iran and its allied forces.  It will spell doom for our country and all because Biden’s more concerned about other countries than he is about ours.

Even today, Biden won’t leave Israel to its own devices.  He made it clear that we as a country stand with Israel, despite the fact that the majority of Americans feel that Israel’s not our concern.  Biden also threw a hissy fit, expressing his outrage at an international arrest warrant against Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.  Again, not America’s problem, but Biden doesn’t get it.

If Trump were in office, he wouldn’t be concerning himself with Israel.  Yet, here we are.  And it can only spell trouble for our country that was, under Trump’s leadership, great.  Now?  Our country is no longer great.  Only Trump can fix that, so if you vote for Biden, you’re actually being a traitor against the United States.  Which will it be, voter?  The right thing or will you be a traitor?

It’s quite possible that Russia and China, countries that consider Israel a friend, could become involved and that will definitely spell doom for us as a country.  If those two countries retaliate against us for helping Israel in the form of doing something to Iran, then we could be in a world of hurt.

Here’s a scenario that involves Russia going nuclear.  Do we really want the ICBM’s that are already pointed at us to launch?  Do we really want to launch the ICBM’s that are likewise pointed at Russia to launch?   That’s what would most likely happen if we align with Israel and attack Iran.

There are a lot of bad things that can happen to this if we become involved.  Let Iran and Israel attack each other.  Israel’s a sitting duck right now, so anything can happen!

While we all wait for the fireworks that, one way or another, are going to happen, you can browse articles that I’ve previously written about Israel and the Jews.