Girl Scout saves a life

I’m angrier than a goose without a gander over this next one, because people who interject themselves into matters that don’t concern them tend to anger me greatly.  Amelia Juracka, 12, is, in this article, the target of my contempt.  Yes, yes, I’m picking on a little kid.  Bite me.

Juracka was honored for what some might call her heroism after she saved a toddler from drowning.  The girl was at a family event when her cousin, 2, somehow got into the deep end of a swimming pool.  One might ask where an adult was, because a child that age certainly should never have been allowed to get anywhere near the deep end.

But apparently, that doesn’t matter.  Juracka jumped into the pool and dragged her cousin out, saving the kid’s life.   She received the Girl Scout Medal of Honor, making her the 27th girl to receive such an award.

She also won the Liberty Medal.

See, here’s the thing: sometimes, people should just mind their own business.  If I were near a pool when a kid went into distress like that, I’d stand idle.  I wouldn’t even so much as call 911.  It’s called minding one’s own business, which is what Juracka should have done.

To me, she is no heroine.  She is a pathetic excuse for a human being, in my opinion.  What she should have done is that she should have just looked the other way.

My policy is to stand idle and to never interject myself into someone else’s timeline.  Clearly, the kid’s destiny was to die and Juracka altered the course of history.  What would have happened had she minded her own business?  We’ll never know, because she took it upon herself to change another’s fate.

I had a similar experience happen to me when I was 22.  I was walking by a swimming pool one hot summer’s day, and a child, maybe three, was in distress.  The other kids were screaming and panicking, causing a scene.  Several of them implored me to do something.  Not only did I do nothing, I kept on walking.

The kid in question did end up dying.  And that made me the bad guy.  One of the kids knew where I lived, and whined to the police that I refused to help.  The cops showed up at my door to take a statement and I told them what they already knew: there was no law that forced me to intervene.  I wasn’t babysitting the kid, so I wasn’t legally responsible for him.

The cops took the situation way too seriously, calling me all manner of names.  They tried to get the district attorney to indict me, but no crime, no indictment.  I was painted as the neighborhood villain, but everyone knew that they couldn’t do anything, because I broke no law.

Juracka here should have simply looked the other way.  In my opinion, she’s just a pathetic piece of excrement.  Shame on her for altering that kid’s timeline!  What if the kid grows up to be a murderer?  If that were to happen, it’s my opinion that she would blood on her hands.  Had she left well enough alone, maybe an innocent life could have been saved.  So, thanks, Juracka!  You just changed the course of history.

(Photo credit: Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York)