He’s just following Joseph Smith’s example!

I’m angrier than a parakeet without a mirror because of this story.  It angers me that there are perverts like this walking the streets.  So it is in the matter of one Abraham Isaac Cruz Hernandez, a former Mormon (Latter-day Saint;  LDS) missionary.  He stands accused of sexual assault charges, all felonies.  He did this while representing the church on a two-year mission, or volunteer soul-saving voyage.  Whatever you want to call it.

I wish I could say that the charges surprise me, but I cannot.  I spent close to forty years in the church and officially had my name removed from its records late last month.  The church recently changed its policy, and it’s something they won’t talk on the record about.  Whereas people who resigned their membership as I did could start the process of returning after one year, now once someone like me leaves, it’s forever.

But I digress.

As for this accused pervert, he was arrested and yesterday he was charged with one count of rape and two counts of forcible sodomy.  So he allegedly forced himself sexually upon his reported victim and then stuck himself inside her ass.  Interesting way to get laid, former Elder!

His purported victim claims the intimate contact was consensual at first, but then she decided to stop things.  Hernandez clearly did not respect that and kept going.  The female in question even went so far as to physically push him away, according to court documents.

For its part, the church of course released a statement distancing itself from the former missionary, and hinted that he may be excommunicated.  But will he really be?  Based on what I’ve seen firsthand other men in their church get away with, including men who molested their own children, I doubt it.

You see, Hernandez was merely following the example of the man that Latter-day Saints consider to be a prophet, no the prophet,  Joseph Smith, who founded the church after spinning a yarn where he claimed that God and Jesus Christ, side by side, visited him in Palmyra, New York.

The rest of the world knows that that’s impossible because of the Trinity and because if it were true, then that would mean Jesus’ Second Coming already happened.  But then again, this is the church that teaches that the Garden of Eden was in present-day Jackson County, Missouri.

I’m angry with myself for falling for all the things that I bought into as a child, and held onto as an adult, but I take responsibility for my stupid decisions and for being gullible enough to believe what the church teaches.  Despite the overwhelming evidence that Smith was a pedophile, a rapist, a sexual deviant, a fraud and a liar, millions of people still follow his example.

Smith was also known as a traitor and he even tried to murder innocent men by using a gun he’d smuggled in, making him in unlawful possession of a weapon.  He was a criminal in so many ways, so it’s no surprise that Hernandez would try to follow his example.

Yes, Hernandez, if he did do what he’s accused of, was just doing what Smith would have done.  You see, it’s well-documented that Smith married multiple women, claiming that God commanded him to do so.  He used that same excuse and his influence to sleep with girls as young as fourteen years old.

Smith used his influence as a supposed “prophet” to force them into marriages and it stands to reason that he forced himself sexually on these gullible and downright stupid females.  It’s difficult to feel sorry for them, because they had the power to say no, but folded like a cheap suit.

If Smith were to be tried today, in addition to the things he did that immediately preceded his death, he’d obviously be defending himself against charges of sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, endangering the welfare of a minor and even more charges like what I listed above.  It looks to me like Hernandez simply took a page out of Smith’s book. It was probably the environment Hernandez was raised in, being a Mormon and all.

Yes, dear reader, Smith was a rapist, a pedophile, and attempted murderer and a traitor.  He also helped himself to other men’s wives using his self-bestowed power as a “prophet.”  This conduct is one of many reasons that he was rightfully assassinated.  He had to be put down just like the dirty dog he was.

Smith’s death was justifiable homicide, especially in those days.  Actually, Smith was firing his weapon towards the crowd below him at the jail where he was rightfully put, given his propensity for crime.  Those who shot and killed him had a valid self defense claim.  That’s why no one did any time for eliminating him.

Sure, five men accused of shooting him were indicted, but an indictment is not a conviction and the men were not convicted. Whomever did it should have gotten medals, given that it was a valid case of self defense.  Smith had no valid reason to be firing his weapon so he was a threat to lives and property and putting him down was the only option available to the men below.

Yet, even today, Latter-day Saints worship Smith.  Remember, they followed his example in many ways, especially when it comes to polygamy.  You have to remember that the LDS church practiced polygamy until 1890, and they stopped not because they realized they were doing the wrong thing, but their polygamy was a barrier to Utah becoming a state.   So no, they didn’t stop out of a desire to do the right thing, but out of a desire to join the union.  Those who practiced polygamy had no conscience and no worth as human beings.

There are many who say that Latter-day Saints don’t worship Smith, but they do, as one of their very own hymns, Praise to The Man, confirms.

In public, the LDS church distances itself from people like this, but in all actuality, he will not be excommunicated and he will be respected by his fellow Mormons.  That’s how the church really works, folks.  Forget the warm and fuzzy public image.  The church has a long and proud history of protecting pedophiles, child rapists and sexual assaulters of females, mostly children.  I’ve seen this happen with my own eyes.  It’s in the news all the time.  It could be argued that, even to this day, Latter-day Saints are still sexual deviants.

Getting back to the original point of this article, Hernandez is currently rotting in jail on no bail because the prosecution successfully convinced the judge that he’s a flight risk and, if released, would almost certainly flee back to California.

Of course, if they had released Hernandez and if he had fled, he would easily have been extradited, but they are doing the world a favor by putting a Mormon where Mormons belong: in confinement.

Don’t look down too hard on Hernandez.  What he is accused of doing is absolutely disgusting, and if he’s convicted, he deserves hard time in the pokey.  See what I did there?  No, don’t be too upset; he’s merely a product of his religious environment.