Leave them be!

I’m angrier than an American who has just now realized that our government would rather piss away our taxpayer funds on other countries than our own.  So it is today.  Our government is sending food to Gaza.  It’s happening at this very moment!

The food will be in the mouths of lazy people who don’t want to work within two days.  Never mind that food deserts are a thing here in, you know, the USA.  I’m not concerned about the lazy people on food stamps.  They should be left to starve because they too don’t want to work.

Why is it that our government is more concerned with the welfare of other countries than the well-being of people  here in America who can afford to pay for food, just like any decent person would?  I specifically speak of food deserts, where neighborhoods of people are sans grocery stores.  These decent people work and want to pay for food, but doing so is difficult because few or no stores exist.

We see this all the time.  We, as a country, are aiding Israel and Ukraine.  This has to stop!  We pay taxes to our government, so our needs should be met, not the needs of countries who are incapable of doing anything for us in return.

It’s time to get officials out of office if they’re going to aid other countries.  We shouldn’t be doing that and it’s high time that it’s put to a permanent end.