More Catholic persecution

I’m angrier than a Seventh-day Adventist who showed up to church on Friday morning, think it was Saturday over the way Catholics are persecuted, even in this day and age.   So it is in Louisiana, where parishioners stopped a teenage gunman from killing innocent people.  It happened at the St. Mary Magdalen Church, located in Abbeville on Saturday.

A sixteen-year-old boy allegedly walked into the parish on a day when children were taking First Communion.  Fortunately, people jumped into action, neutralizing and holding the teenage boy, who apparently had bloodlust on his mind.

No one was injured, but the boy, who clearly is bigoted against Catholics, was coddled rather than being sent immediately to pound-me-in-the-ass prison.  They took him away for mental evaluation, the conventional wisdom being that he’s supposedly mental ill.  While mental illness is a real and serious thing, it must not be used as an excuse for anything.

If the boy is mentally ill, then who gave him the gun?  Had he actually killed someone, their blood would have been on the hands of both the boy and whomever supplied him with the gun.

This story serves to remind us all that Catholics are victims.  We’re more persecuted than the Jews ever were and that simply cannot stand.  Any and all attacks against Catholics must be treated as hate crimes, with a lifetime in prison without parole as the wages of the attacker’s sins.