It was freedom of expression!

I’m angrier than a Catholic without incense over this next story, because it involves Catholic school students who were discriminated against just because of their chosen method of freedom of expression.

A California private Catholic school forced some students who were wrongfully accused of going around in blackface to withdraw, despite blackface being something that society for some reason looks down upon these days, despite the fact that it’s funny and harmless.

Just for a quick background, blackface (a false accusation here) came into play in the 19th century as a form of comedic relief.  It started in America around 1830 and it never hurt anyone important.  Now what’s really racist is when black people prance around in Whiteface.  That can’t stand.  But given that we plucked them from trees in Africa, blacks can calm down and take a joke.
Anyway, as for these boys who did nothing wrong, they were expelled from their exclusive school.  But there’s just one problem with that.  The boys were actually not in blackface, even though they had every right in the world to do so.
Being severely wronged, the boys did what any innocent White person would do: they sued.  And it paid off!  They won a judgement of one million dollars, after seeking twenty, plus a refund of tuition. And they deserve every penny of that after being mistreated by the school’s administration.
It turns out that it was actually “green acne medication,” according to Daily Mail.  The reason the school got sued, according to the boys’ attorney, was because the school arrogantly refused to fully investigate and they took the blackface accusation at face value.  Those are not Catholic values.  They should have sued the accuser(s) as well.
The teens were entitled to that money because the accusations will follow them around like a stray dog through no fault of their own.  A million dollars is too small of an amount for my liking, however.  They were victorious on charges of breach of oral contract and lack of due process.

Their legal victory wasn’t absolute, however.  They lost on their accusations of breach of contract, defamation and violation of free speech.
Rather than hold itself accountable, the school is considering an appeal.  That’s not a good lesson to teach the other students.  Whine and cry and arrogantly refusing to be held accountable.  That’s something I’d expect from a black school, not a White, Catholic school.