Some amusing news

I’m angrier than a bunny rabbit without a carrot over this next news item.  I’m angry because something like this doesn’t happen nearly often enough.  It seems that deputies in Florida burst into an apartment in search of a thug.  Just one problem: they got the wrong apartment and they got the wrong guy.

Why is this amusing to me?  Just look at the guy and you’ll see why.  They wound up shooting a member of the US Air Force and they shot him fatally.  The dude was home alone, minding his own business and wound up a victim of police-enabled violence, which is what they know best.

At the time of what would normally be a cold-blooded murder, he was on Facetime with a woman.  Big deal, let him have his Facetime.

The airman, hearing knocks on his door, grabbed a gun.  That was his fatal error.  The deputies, fearing for their lives and safety, reportedly shot the airman six times.  The shots apparently came from one deputy, and that deputy is on administrative leave.

There are some questions here.  Did the police announce themselves?  If they did and the guy still grabbed his gun, then it’s his fault.  But, if the police failed to identify themselves first, then this shooting could be the fault of the gun-happy deputy.

Normally, this story would enrage me, but given that the airman was black, I don’t feel a thing for him.  Of course, someone’s going to sue because of course greed will bring him back.  It was not a wise move for him to grab a gun.

He should have stayed behind the closed door and asked who was knocking.  He failed to do so and jumped right for a gun and that was stupid on his part.  I feel no sympathy for him.  Now, if he were White, it’d be a different story.

It sounds to me like the airman was at fault here, not the deputy, and that upsets me, because I don’t like defending cops.