No one’s fault but their own

I’m angrier than a TikTok content creator who thinks that the site will be banned next year in the USA over this next story, because it’s a tale of people who live life dangerously and then expect a pity party.

There are plenty of men out there, single or married alike, who use the internet as a means to engage in anonymous sexual relations, commonly known as “hookups.”  These men are too trusting and that is the curtain call for some males.  Some men have HIV/AIDS and lie about their status so they can engage in unprotected sex, commonly referred to as “barebacking.”

So it is with a man in Idaho who has just been convicted of lying, attempting to infect grown and teenage males. There are 30 to 50 men who he potentially infected.   He will spend a long time in prison for that conduct.  He was under law enforcement investigation since late last year.  That investigation started out as a child enticement case, but obviously evolved into something far greater.
He was caught up in a sting and was arrested, tried and convicted.  ABC News reported that, but they did not include specific charges.  What hurt the guy’s case was that he was purposefully doing this and he knowingly stopped taking his medication.  The network also failed to report how many males he actually infected.
He will be required to serve 16 years out of 30 before he can even look at parole. 
I managed to do a little research on this topic.  Before I tell you about that, however, I’d like to tell you about a sting that I conducted a long time ago.  In my little experiment, I attempted to catch men who were married or who were in an otherwise committed relationship in attempting to engage in sexual relations with a girl on Craigslist.
Now, as for this latest research, meant to see how many men are actively engaged in taking part in anonymous sex acts with men they mean on a gay-oriented app known as Grindr.  I posed as a man seeking “hookups,” or anonymous, non-committal sexual relationships with fellow men.
I set up a fake profile which sought disgusting sexual acts.
On the profile, I asked for nudes and affirmed that I am disease free.  But I could easily have lied about that, putting uncaring or just plain ignorant guys at risk.
I engaged some of these guys in conversation, and many of them were all too willing to meet up and engage in oral or anal sex.  That’s dangerous, disgusting and immoral enough, but they made it even more dangerous by saying that barebacking is what they prefer, putting their wives at risk.  
Many guys on Grindr seem to be “bottoms,” which apparently means that they’re willing to let an anonymous guy sodomize them with no protection.  There seem to be few “tops,” guys who are willing to put themselves inside another guy.  
I posted that fake profile and within ten minutes, I started getting responses.  One guy was willing to meet up after chatting for only about five minutes.  That means that he was looking to hook up with a guy (without protection of any sort) whom he didn’t really know.
Other guys were likewise ready to meet up and engage in all sorts of sexual misconduct.  Most of the men who answered me are married or are in a committed relationship to and with women.  The guys who are okay with unprotected sex are putting their wives or girlfriends at risk of STIs, AIDS, HIV, etc.
I engaged with one guy and went to the final stage, actively setting up a meetup at a local hotel.  I did this with several gullible guys, guys who thought they were going to bed with someone they didn’t know.
Of course I didn’t go to meet that guy nor any other one.  That would be dangerous, but I can picture him standing out there in the rain at a hotel, waiting for his “hookup.”  This guy told me he’s clean disease-wise, but what if he’d been lying?  If he had HIV, he could lie about it so he could get laid with no regard for the health or safety of others.
Some men gave up too much information.  I’ve gotten addresses, phone numbers, places of employment and other tidbits.  I’ve been busy going to workplaces with the guys’ conversations printed out.  I posted them for all to see, along with a photo of the guys.  I left fliers for their neighbors since it’s a felony to put anything in their mailboxes.  I’ve been sitting back and giggling at the trouble I’ve caused.
In one case, a guy had keys to his church and wanted to hook up in the baptismal font.  So during services, I went to his church and I then put photocopies of the printouts on peoples’ cars.  I’ll bet his face was red.
One guy said he was married and that “we” would have to hook up at his place after his wife left for work.  Well, I saved screenshots and texts (from a burner phone) and while he was at work and his wife was home, I showed her all the evidence that I gathered.  She burst into tears.
The guy, later that day, messaged me and asked me why I would ruin his life.  Apparently, his wife left him that very day.  I told him, “next time, don’t troll for sex online.  You did this to yourself!”  
That guy was stupid.  He gave me his actual home address and phone number.  He volunteered the fact that he has a wife.  He set himself him up for failure and I had to laugh at the fact that his whole life was ruined.  I hope it was worth it for him.
This guy could have been infected, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and he could have infected me and many others.  That should tell you how many guys are willing to have sex with a guy they don’t even know.  That’s unsafe enough.  But add to it the fact that they don’t want to use condoms and you have the potential for a massive infection event.
And let’s not forget that catching a disease isn’t the only risk.  What if the guy has a gun or a knife?  What if he doesn’t take no for an answer?  See, most guys don’t seem to think anything of that and they still go on Grindr.  And yes, I almost threw up seeing what goes on on that app.  Homosexuality should be illegal.
Of course, I’ve pulled down the profile because I got what I wanted.  And no, I did not sample the merchandise.  I can’t imagine doing anything sexual with another dude.
Instead, I made at least eleven guys sit around wait at a hotel or outside my apartment (that I moved out of in 2019).  That makes me laugh, but at least I stopped them from potentially infecting others, at least for an hour or so.
Most guys wanted my pics and penis shots, so a few minutes of Google trolling for other guys’ pictures resulted in me sending them “my” pics.  After seeing the pics, most of them were quite insistent on meeting up.  And all this without any regard for their own personal safety.  What if I were the one with a gun or knife?  What if I robbed them?
The gay community here in Albany is thriving, as one can see when logging into Grindr.  It should be a wake up call for anyone seeking anonymous sex on the internet, whether on Grindr or on straight dating apps.  An hour or so of pleasure isn’t worth your life.  But if you’re willing to infect yourself, then you get what you deserve.
As for the males who could potentially have gotten infected from this guy, they brought it upon themselves.  No one forced them to meet up with him, so anything that happens to them is of their own doing and no one should feel sorry for them.