Oh, don’t act so surprised!

I’m angrier than a laptop user without a mouse over the fact that Jewish people, even in this day and age, whine and cry and play the victim.  So it is with this story.  It seems that there was a wee bit of a protest in upstate New York.  

The protestors were speaking out against a company that they claim makes parts for weapons that are then used by Israel to bomb Gaza and as a result, the company supposedly is “complicit” in ending lives, especially the lives of babies.  They’re probably right.  As a country, we’re enabling Israel to attack and kill others.

Of course, here comes a Jew, ready to play the victim.  She claims that she and her children were photographed and the man behind the camera told her she was going on a watch website.  She also claims that the protesters yelled to people that the company and people who support them are “baby killers.”  
Well, how do we know that that’s a lie?  Based on the fact that we’re handing Israel the weapons, I’d say we are becoming a nation of baby killers!
The Jew then claimed that her neighbors came out in support of the protesters and she said that no one checked in on her or the rest of the Jewish community.  So?  I don’t feel one bit sorry for her, not at all.  After all the drama that those people caused with claiming that there was a “holocaust,” the least they can do is tolerate a harmless protest.
How can we be kind to Jews when it’s their country that is attacking innocent people, including children?  If anything, the protesters went way too light on her and her people.  They need to get over themselves!