The truth hurts!

I’m angrier than a Jew without a bagel over this next one, so much so that I’m incapable of picking up and drinking this Sprite that’s right next to me.  That is exactly how angry I am!  I’m angry because so many people are siding with Israel, the bully that, for no good reason, attacked Iran first.  It is also the land of the Jew.  I firmly stand with the hero, Iran, and I condemn the zero, Israel.  Now, I never thought I’d type that!

Wherever there’s a Jew, there’s someone playing the victim, and I’m tired of it!  Of course the Jews are not victims.  They summon images of the “Holocaust” to guilt people into doing whatever it is they want.  A lot of people still fall for it, but I don’t.

I couldn’t care less what did or did not happen to the Jews during that time period.  I am not impressed or moved by photographs or videos from that time period, because I don’t see victims, I just see prisoners of war, something that happens with every war.  That’s all that was.

Now, I don’t deny that there were problems for a Jew here and there (there’s literally no way that six million of them died!), but if you look up the definition of a “holocaust” in the dictionary, you’ll soon see that the literal definition of the word has nothing to do with what Jews allege happened.

The dictionary defines a “holocaust” as “complete destruction, especially by fire.”  Obviously, this does not describe what the world thinks “the Holocaust” was.  Of course the Jews still exist.  Walt Disney is not impressed that they do.

So, the Jews exist.  They were not completely destroyed, so what happened was not a holocaust.  Not even close.  If something like that were really happening, why did everyone, including Germany, turn a blind eye and a deaf ear?  

No one came to their aid until the very end, and it was us Americans who pissed away our resources on them.  We should have left them to their own devices.  But no, we had to join forces with what was then the Soviet Union and Britain to liberate people who were rightfully prisoners of war.  We had no right to do that.

Despite all this, I will say that those who vandalize synagogues and who attack Jews are way out of line.  My reason for disliking them is how they use what they say was a holocaust to get what they want.  I do not feel that physical attacks and desecrating their houses of worship or their property are appropriate.