What drama queens!

I’m angrier than a laptop user without a charger over this next story right here.  I’m angry because all I hear from Jews is whine, whine, whine.  Holocaust this and holocaust that. And so it is here.  It seems that some graves in a Jewish cemetery were vandalized and now a community is left “shaken,” according to WNYT, the NBC affiliate here in Albany.

It happened in Rotterdam, and, big surprise, the police are treating it as a “hate crime.”  Leave it to the Jews to always play the victim and cry about how they’re so persecuted.  It was probably a harmless prank by some teenagers with too much time on their hands.

If it were truly a hate crime, there’d be swastikas, effigies and other things like that.  The news article even says that it looks to be “random,” so once again, the Jews have cried victim when there is no victimization at all.  Shit happens.
This is not a hate crime.  This is a harmless prank.  People need to get over themselves.