Really, National Grid?

I’m angrier than a Russian without vodka over this.  National Grid has once again managed to piss me off  beyond words.  Earlier this year, people in my area, myself included, went without power for hours, and for some, days, just because of a little storm.  Now, the only power company for the area is making more excuses for their failures.

What is it this time, you ask?  This time, a small animal apparently got into a substation and that triggered an outage that affected two upstate New York counties yesterday morning.  Really?  In 2024, we’re still subject to outages because of something like animals?

How was the animal allowed to gain access to the substation anyway?  Wasn’t it secured?  If it wasn’t secured, then who else could gain access and do evil things?  Over 5,000 NG customers went without power in 2024 because of an animal?
That’s simply unacceptable.
A lot of people were affected and in one case, school was delayed.  And all this because of an animal?  Clearly, the substation isn’t secured well enough.  If it were secured, then the animal in question couldn’t have gotten in and caused whatever damage that caused the outage.
I swear, National Grid should give account credits every time there’s an outage.  Then we’ll see how fast they work to secure their infrastructure.