Oh, those wacky Jews!

I’m angrier than a lawyer without his license over this next story.  Columbia Law School students are supposedly traumatized by the way law enforcement has been dealing with pro-Jew protests.  Indeed, they claim that the mean ol’ cops are brutalizing them and they’re so mentally damaged that they simply cannot carry on with final exams.

What do they want and when do they want it?  A free pass and now.  They want all students to pass.  Just like a Jew: special treatment.  Welcome to the real world, kids.  Things aren’t always going to go your way and, even though most of them are probably Jews, they can’t expect free passes in life.

There’s really not much to be said here.  Things aren’t cutting their way and now they want a golden ticket.  Automatically passing them would mean that the school would be turning out incompetent lawyers and clients and the court system would be the ones who are victims.
The only way to weed out the incompetent and stupid aspiring lawyers is to give the final exams.  I suppose they want to wiggle out of the bar exam as well.  It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they wanted to magically get their law licenses without any further testing.  It would not be in the best interests of the public for them to be coddled.
These punks need to stop thinking of themselves and get their head in the game right here in the real world.  I know most of them are probably Jews, but that doesn’t mean that they should be treated with kid gloves.
So the cops blew up their spot.  They protestors got what they deserved and now then students want to whine and cry about it.  And they wonder why so many people hate Jews.  First, they handed our Lord and Savior over to the Romans, who then killed Him.  They were complicit in His death.  That cannot be forgotten.
Then they took what was merely a world war and turned it into a “holocaust,” something that never happened.  What happened was a prisoner of war situation.  So a Jew or two here and there died.  That does not a holocaust make.
Now, the Jews won’t stop whining about the “holocaust,” and they try to use it to get special treatment.
Again, there’s no mystery here.  Jews made themselves the bad guys.  They are not the victims.  Neither are these students.  The only thing for them to do is shut up and take the damn exams.