She paid the price

I’m angrier than a Catholic who lost their rosary over this story.  I am so irate that I can’t summon the ability to drink the Mike’s Hard Lemonade (strawberry) that’s awaiting me right here.

Here in the Albany area, we have been deluged with a bunch of young people going through our city on dirt bikes, ATV’s and things like that.  They pull stunts on the street and generally terrorize people.  They’ve always managed to escape accountability because no police department or sheriff’s office has been able to catch and stop them.

Until recently, no one got hurt.  No one got crashed into and it was a general annoyance and a quality of life issue.  That is until now.  A young University of Albany student is in the hospital in a medically-induced coma.

She had the misfortune of being run over by one of the merciless pigs.  The operator of that vehicle just kept on going and as of the time that I write this, he or she cannot be found.  This means that this person likely got away with it.

Alexa Kropf, 19, is the victim who was merely minding her own business.  Next thing she knew, she was almost murdered.

If there is any good news in all of this, county deputies finally got off their duffs and did something. They confiscated ten dirt bikes and made two arrests.

Kropf lies in the hospital.  She’s paying the price and she might pay the ultimate price and die.  All because some punks are out for a cheap thrill and don’t care who they hurt or kill.

Here’s a hypothetical situation: one of these punks is coming up fast behind me. Without warning or pause, I hypothetically slam on my bikes.  He doesn’t anticipate that and has to slam on the brakes.  At his speed is such that when he does hit those brakes, simple physicals kick in and he goes flying.

If that were to occur in reality, it would send a message to him and the rest of his buddies.  Make an example out of one or three of them.  Of course, doing all of this is probably illegal, but one can dream.