Cold-blooded killer? I think so!

I’m angrier than a one-legged man in a mile run over the fact that innocent people pay for others’ actions.  So it is today in Bethlehem, New York.  A person died because another driver swerved into his lane.  Conveniently, the lane-crosser is okay, free to kill again.

It’s my opinion that the driver who killed an innocent person who was simply trying to go about their day is a cold-blooded, calculating killer who should be subjected to the same death sentence that he bestowed upon his victim.  There’s no excuse for crossing lanes.  None.  It should be considered premeditated murder, in my humble opinion.

Matthew Monthie, 28, is the driver who, in my opinion, is a murderer.  His victim was Shawna Marzahl, 53, according to the Times Union.  The man who is obviously her killer was taken to a hospital, but, again, is conveniently fine.
Monthie is now dodging the media, just like a coward.  The fact that he’s not apologizing for slaughtering an innocent woman shows just what kind of a man he is.  A worthless one.
He probably doesn’t even regret it.  He’s likely laughing about it at this very moment.  If he were a real man, he’d step forward and show remorse, but he’s the type of monster that’s incapable of feeling remorse.
Monthie’s Facebook profile shows a fast car, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal.  But given that he allegedly caused the death of another person, I have to wonder if he was maliciously driving as fast as he could.  I believe, and it’s my opinion, that he’s a scumbag who was trying to defy speed limits.  It’s my belief that he was driving fast and didn’t care about anyone but himself.  What a sick, sick man.
People like him and the fact that they survive collisions that they cause make me sick.