Only idiots believe

I’m angrier than an Android user who can’t figure out how to install custom ringtones over the fact that there are people stupid enough to believe that UFO’s exist.  Take, for example, this article, where people are scared by the fact that supposed UFO’s hovered above them.

First of all, there is no life anywhere other than this planet.  It’s all laid out in the bible.  In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth.  Not earths.  The earth.  Singular.  To believe otherwise is to be an idiot.

What’s scary is that our government is taking this seriously, devoting our time and money to chase after things that are nothing other than fiction.  One person who I talked to about this many years ago said that it’s “arrogant” to believe that we’re alone in the universe.  No, it’s not arrogant.  It’s called being intellectual.

Of course there’s no life elsewhere!  If there are alien beings, why haven’t they visited yet?  And I’m not talking about objects supposedly hovering in the sky.  Those things are optical illusions.  That’s the only explanation for it.

I question the mental stability of people who think for a moment that there is life elsewhere.  There is none.  People thought there was life on the moon.  We’ve proven that to be false.  People also say that there is life on Mars.  Again, survey says that’s a false assumption.

I sit back and laugh at the people who think UFO’s exist.  They’re a source of entertainment.