A step in the right direction

I’m angrier than a Jehovah’s Witness without a place to hawk his pamphlets.  I’m angry because transgenderism is becoming more and more acceptable.  It is a perversion, a mental illness and it’s downright evil.  That’s right, evil, to the core!

An article posted today states that nearly 50% of LGBT teens contemplated suicide last year.  It also alleged that 20% of transgender men attempted suicide.  And 12% of LGBT teens attempted suicide as well.  The Trevor Foundation, a perverted organization in my opinion, ran the survey.

You know what I call that?  A step in the right direction!

I don’t feel sorry for transgenders or any of the LGBT nonsense.  They’re asking to be made targets and the reason for that is their perverted, sinful lifestyles. I can’t find any sympathy for them at all.  They’ve chosen a filthy lifestyle, and as such, I can feel no compassion for them, because they simply don’t deserve it!