It’s paying off already

I’m angrier than a Mormon who didn’t think of leaving the church much earlier than he did over the fact that I am the one who waited too long to leave.  As I wrote a couple days ago, after 37 years as a Mormon, I formally resigned my membership.

My move has yielded some dividends after only a couple of days.  Today, I had my first alcoholic drink in four years.  It was a strawberry malt drink I purchased at Stewart’s and it was a tall can.  My soon-to-be ex-wife was briefly in the hospital, and I just had to come with her, out of force of habit.  This happens a lot.  Anyway, I finally had occasion to break away and I had a quick run across the street.

I dropped about fifty bucks on drinks, food (meant to last for many hours of waiting, only for her to be discharged fifteen minutes later!) and a new charger for my new Motorola razr smartphone that I purchased today when I switched carriers.  I had to switch carriers for many reasons, and after years of using an iPhone and all the problems that come with that, I decided to go back to Android.  So far, so good.

Why am I sharing all this?  Oh, I’m still a bit fucked up.  Drinking a tall drink like that as quickly as I did and after many years of not drinking takes effect rather quickly.  I’m still feeling the buzz.  It was so bad that operating a motor vehicle would not have been wise.

I was smart, see.  I knew that I couldn’t walk back into the hospital with an alcoholic beverage, so I drank the whole thing in two minutes while standing in the rain.  Well, under a tree in the rain, but in the rain nonetheless.

Also, I’m getting an immediate 10% increase in my income.  No more tithing for me!

Although I’ve been a Catholic for two years now, I was also a member of the “Mormon” church because my wife insisted that I stay on the books.  Now that her wishes are no longer relevant, I left the church officially.  Now I can focus on 100% Catholicism.

Anyway, I am at peace with my decision to drop the Mormon church like a hot potato.  It’s been a long time coming.  There’s a reason why I always hid in the library, doing my volunteer position’s duties as opposed to being in the chapel.

If you’re a Mormon who doesn’t want to be, I highly suggest this website.  If you want to know the truth about the church, read this.  Oops!  Now I’m in apostasy!