Another day, more good news

I’m angrier than a porn addict without an internet connection over this next story.  I’m angry because it didn’t happen locally here in Albany.  You see, I’m somewhat of a cop hater because of how I’ve been treated by local law enforcement agencies.

Since the actions of some represent all, it does my heart good to see news stories where bad things happen to cops.  So it is today with the news that three US Marshals are dead in North Carolina.  Along with them, five police officers were injured, which only serves to sweeten the pot.

The law enforcement agents were attempting to serve a felony warrant.  When they arrived, gunshots rang out on both sides, and the suspect wound up dead.  And, obviously, he did not die alone. 

I have no problem with the marshals and the officers dying.  That suits me just fine.  I enjoy watching others shoot cops, but I would never do so myself, because I have neither the resources, training nor the balls to do anything myself.