It only goes so far…

I’m angrier than a blind midget at a strip club over this next story.  Despite having a nice, cold can of Coke Classic by my side, I cannot summon the ability to pick it up and drink it.  That, readers, is how pissed I am.

You see, there are tons of student protesters who are overtaking colleges and causing a major disruption in the education of innocent people.  The last stunt is students who tore down Old Glory and replaced it with a flag from Palestine, which means the protesters are pro-Jew.  That is disgusting.

I will say this, however: even though I, as a rule, hate cops, this time I applaud them for what they did in this situation.  One cop climbed up and tore down Palestine’s disgusting flag and replaced it with ours, showing that good triumphed over evil.

There have been many student protesters who have been arrested.  While they got dragged away by cops, some of these idiots screamed about free speech at the top of their lungs.  Yeah, well, freedom of speech only goes so far.  

The first amendment was originally intended to protect us from prosecution if we or the media badmouths the government.  In reality, freedom of speech is not absolute, especially when one causes a major disruption. Freedom of expression is also not absolute, with restrictions placed upon in event of “direct and imminent harm,” according to the History Channel.

Clearly, the students are causing harm by causing dangerous situations for innocent people who want nothing to do with the Israel-Iran drama.  This is why they’re being removed and suspended.  No one wants to censor their disgusting opinions.  All anyone wants is for those opinions to be expressed in a calm and safe manner.  The students are, for the most part, failing to do that.  And that’s the problem here.

I don’t understand why so many people support Israel.  They’re the bullies in this story, right?  They’re the ones who launched first and launched unprovoked.  That cannot stand, yet so many people are siding with the Jews.

This should be enough to make anyone sick!