What monsters!

I’m angrier than a TikTok user who just learned it might be banned in the USA over this next story, because it involves two people who, in my opinion, are pure and outright monsters.  There’s nothing else to call them.

Anthony and Rachel Modrow, both 34, were this week accused of and charged with second-degree manslaughter.  It should have been murder.  This comes as a result of allegedly ignoring the needs of Amy Lynn Modrow, 9, their nine-year-old daughter.


She had an empty asthma inhaler early this month.  She was crying and in pain and what did they do?Their way of dealing with it all was to give her a bath.  I don’t think a bath is the proper way to deal with asthma.

The Modrow’s proceeded to raise at least $10,000 in donations.

Little Amy informed her parents that her inhaler was empty, but they didn’t do a damn thing about it.  They allegedly had ample opportunities to bring her to a doctor but they were not moved.

Their bail has been set at a measly $25,000 each and if they manage to post that, they’ll be on house arrest.

What kind of monsters would do such a thing to any child, let alone their very own flesh and blood?  It’s appalling and one can hope that they’ll send the rest of their pathetic lives in prison.