Bye-bye, Jews!

I’m angrier than a cat without a ball of yarn over this story, something that should have happened a long time ago.  It seems that it’s a bad day to be a Jew at Columbia University.  Things are apparently so bad that Rabbi Elie Buechler has warned Jewish students to go home and not come back.

The drastic suggestion comes after Buechler observed what he felt were dangerous and downright unsafe conditions for his Jewish students.  I have a hard time feeling sorry for the Jews.  As recent days have shown, Israel is not a very good country, yet our government has jumped to their defense on our dime.

The Jewish students represent Israel, so they should be given proper motivation to go away.  Why would we want to send the Jews packing.  Well, here you go:

  • They took what was a simple act of World War II and turned it into “the Holocaust,” despite the fact that the Jews weren’t completely destroyed.  In my 2011 book, Mythology and Guilt: Why The Jews Created The Holocaust, I laid it quite clearly that what happened was merely a prisoner of war situation.  A POW situation is not a “holocaust.”
  • The Jews play the victim at every opportunity.
  • The Jews control our nation’s finances and entertainment despite the fact that they don’t belong here.

Look, I don’t feel sorry for the Jewish students.  Israel is a bully and a menace to society.  The best thing to do is wipe them off the map with a couple of unannounced nuclear ICBM attacks.  Instead, we’re spending our money on a country whose people killed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Do you understand that?  Israel’s people killed Jesus!  And we’re supposed to welcome Jews with open arms?  No, it doesn’t work that way, folks.

I applaud those who are holding Jewish people accountable.  Expelling them from places that they don’t belong is the most patriotic thing an American can do, as long as he or she doesn’t cross the line into blatantly illegal actions.  People who are scaring the Jews off campus and are doing so peacefully are heroes and role models.

If they don’t like the way that they’re being treated, they should simply leave, just like the rabbi says for them to do.