It’s a boring weekend, so…

I’m angrier than a certain blogger who can’t find any news stories on
which to comment because there is in fact no news going on over this
weekend that’s worth writing about.  So I decided to pull a random topic
out of my ass and I thought I’d share it with you, the reader, in case
you, like I, are bored.

Have you ever wondered where the oldest
house or building still standing in the world is?  Yes?  No?  Well,
either way, here’s a link to an article that shows not one, not two, not even three of the world’s oldest still-standing buildings, but 9, count them 9!

leave it to you to read about most of them, but I’d like to discuss
briefly what is believed to be the oldest building in the world that’s
still intact.  According to the article, the Knap of Howar, located in the United Kingdom, gets that honor.  Thought to have been built ca. 3600-3700 B.C., it is actually comprised of two houses

thought that was an interesting tidbit of history.  Is it
earth-shattering knowledge?  No, but whatever it takes to get through
the weekend without being completely bored!