Drunkards cause heartache in Vegas

I’m angrier than lector with a sore throat over this next story because it involves drunken driving, something that I truly abhor.  But this isn’t just one story.  Two separate cases involving DUI have emerged in Las Vegas, and innocent people have died while the alleged drunkards live. 

First, Natalie Villegas, a young member of the Air Force, 23, was killed due to a driver suspected of being impaired.  It happened in the early morning of Saturday last week.  A scumbag by the name of Hetsel Campos allegedly struck Villegas from behind, killing her.  Clark County Detention Center online records indicate that Campos is still in custody on $100,000 bond on charges of DUI above the legal limit and reckless driving.

The fact that Campos hasn’t said anything says to me that he doesn’t care about what he did.  If he were a real man, he’d plead guilty and take his punishment like a man.  Instead, he’s hiding in a tiny cell like a little girl.

Society appears to be much safer with Campos off the roadways.  He’s due back in court in June.

But Campos isn’t the only slimeball who is accused of ending someone’s life due to being an obvious drunkard.  Nope, Cynthia Phelps, 64, stands accused of, probably intentionally in my opinion, slamming into innocent people minding their own business at a bus stop.

Racing down the wrong side of the street, Phelps was driving at an excessive rate of speed.  She finds herself charged with six crimes against society; two counts of DUI resulting in death and reckless driving.  Her scumbag attorney tried to get her able to tap dance out of court free of all forms of accountability, but the judge wasn’t having it.  

Phelps’ bond was set at $500,000.  She, too, had a chance to do the right thing and plead guilty, but, no, she is spitting in the faces of the victims and their families by not immediately pleading guilty and accepting her punishment.  Instead, she’ll be back in court next month where she’ll probably get some kind of sweetheart deal.

Phelps, too, is still in custody, right where drunkards belong.  In all, Phelps apparently slaughtered, no, murdered in cold blood, two innocent people, and three others injured, with one person in a coma.

Hopefully, these people find themselves in prison for a very long time.  Meantime, I hope they’re given cellmates who lost loved ones to drunk drivers.  Let’s see how long they last.