I’m angrier than a blogger who’s repeatedly being visited online by cowardly and anonymous visits from employees of the City of Albany, New York.  You can see my stats below; that’s just one portion of several pages of anonymous visits, especially to the numerous articles I’ve written about the Albany Police Department!  Gee, I wonder who those visitors could possibly be!  I’m also getting a slew of visits from the Syracuse Police Department right now.  Hello!

Anyway, here is no news happening that I care to report on.  There are a lot of types of stories that I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole.  I won’t report on the military unless it’s a real compelling story.  Also, I won’t post stories where my writing about a subject would give said subject free and positive publicity.  If I dislike someone or something, my preferred course of action is to stay silent and not accomplish the direct opposite of what I want to have happen.

I feel like I’m the BBC right now.  See, it was yesterday in 1930
when it was such a slow news day that the BBC played music instead. 
Due to copyright and royalty laws, I cannot just post music.  So just
imagine there’s music playing here.

So I’ll
sit here and patiently wait for something to happen.  A dead APD cop or ACSO deputy?  A deadly accident caused by a teenage driver?  PFN Biden getting shot or being rushed to a hospital? Maybe there will be some action on the
Iran-Israel front.  You know….the nuclear ICBM’s will finally go flying, ending the world as we know it?  


Anyway, check back later this evening.  Meantime, I’m watching The Infographics Show’s YouTube Channel.  Feel free to check me out on my social media platforms.  I tend to post random thoughts, jokes and other stuff a lot there.  

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