What a waste of money!

I’m angrier than a toddler without a clean diaper over this next one.  It turns out that Sleepy Joe is up to it again.  He’s trying to push through action that would see us give financial aid to Ukraine and Israel.  Why is that even a thing?

President for now Biden wants to piss away our money by helping two countries that can never pay us back.  There is absolutely no reason for us to assist either country.  We’re talking about $95 billion here, folks.  That’s not chump change and Biden wants to spend it on other countries rather than aiding the country he’s actually responsible for overseeing.

I can guarantee you one thing: Donald Trump, the only man who can truly make America great again, would not be doing this with taxpayers’ money.  Trump would leave Ukraine and Israel to their own devices, just like any competent president would.

What will Ukraine or Israel do for us in return?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing!  So why help them?  There’s absolutely no justification for pissing away your tax dollars on foreigners.  You should be irate.  You should want to vote Sleepy Joe out of office so he can finally get all the naps he wants.  After all, there’s plenty of teen girl hair for him to sniff!

Hopefully, this measure will fail and that lawmakers will wake up and spend the money on, you know, the USA.