What a story!

I’m angrier than a blogger who didn’t get the news story that he wanted over this.  Earlier today, an Albany NY Police Department officer was shot and wound up in surgery.  Following an afternoon press conference, local NBC affiliate WNYT gave viewers an update on what could and should very well have been a funeral procession story.

It turns out that this story isn’t as serious as it seemed at first blush.  The officer was only shot in the thigh, so it’s not as if he were shot in the chest or anywhere his vest would have covered.  He wasn’t killed, as we all know, making this story almost a waste of time to post about.

It all started with a traffic pursuit that would ultimately be stood down due to safety reasons.  An autopsy has been performed on the suspect who allegedly opened fire and, once again, the APD has failed to release the names of the officer and the suspect, claiming they’d do so by tomorrow.