It doesn’t stop

I’m angrier than a blind man trying to wipe his ass over this next one, folks.  I’m angry because there are still people who think that Israel is the victim. Of course, that’s not true at all.  Israel is actually the aggressor and Iran is the victim merely trying to defend itself.

Well, people on both sides of the argument are up in arms.  Some protestors took to the NYC subway system to air their opinions.  The protesters defended Iran, which of course is the only correct position to take here.

Protestors said that they, like me, feel that they’re proud of Iran.  This is also the correct stance to take.  Ever the victims, Jewish riders on the subway pretended that they were scared.  It was just a protest, folks.  There was never any danger for the Jews on the subway.

“From the river to the sea, all our people will be free,” they screamed.

The Jewish people are known for their ability to play the victim quite nicely.  This is one of those cases where they’re either pretending to be scared or they’re really scared over nothing.  Either way, this was a simple, harmless protest.  No one got hurt.