They had it coming anyway!

I’m angrier than a Mormon priest without a box of tissues over this next one.  I’m angry because I wasn’t the one who had the balls to do what was allegedly done.  I write specifically about a Syracuse New York Police Department officer and an Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office deputy, both of whom were gunned down over the weekend.

Now, I hate the police in general, after the alleged actions of the Albany Police Department’s officers and detectives and the Albany County Sheriff’s Office deputies back in 2017 that resulted in me, I allege, being physically and sexually assaulted by the same.  So it follows that I don’t give a damn that an officer and a deputy are in the morgue
right about now.

In fact, I look at it as good news and as payback for everything cops have
done to me and other innocent people.  I only wish I’d been there to
witness it.  Part of me even wishes that I’d been the one to do it, but I
don’t have the resources or the balls to do so.

No, the hero in this story is not I, but one Christopher R. Murphy, who sadly died in the incident.  He was involved a gunfight with the deceased personnel in Salina, which is a small suburb just outside of Syracuse.

What happened was that the cop and deputy were harassing Murphy by following
him home with no good reason.  Fearing for his life, Murphy continued to the safety of his home, or at least tried to, no thanks to the two dead scumbags, neither of whom have been identified as of yet.  I
thought that information would be public record.  If they can name the hero, they can name the zeroes.

As can be expected, there is plenty of footage showing SPD, OCSO and other officers saluting the dead
law enforcement officer as the motorcade passes by.  Yeah, well, they would.

I am overcome with joy when I hear about police officers dying.  I wait for the day when an APD officer falls.  Until that day, I can only dream.  As for this story, the correct parties died, except
for Murphy, who was only trying to defend himself.

UPDATE at 5:51 p.m.

The names of the deceased law enforcement officers have finally been announced.  Officer Michael Jensen and Deputy Lt. Michael Hoosock are the fallen scumbags.