A fitting way to say goodbye

I’m angrier than a Russian without vodka over this next story because I can’t credit the author.  It is one of those “author unknown” things.  It is a poem that any fur parent who has lost one of their family members can relate to.

The anonymous poem is called The Rainbow Bridge Poem, which tells the story of someone who has lost their cat or dog.  The poem has happy news, however, because in it, it is told that man and animal will one day reunite and be together forever.  You can read the tear-jerker poem here.

I am grateful that both of my cats are alive and well, but when the time comes for them to say goodbye, I like to think that the poem speaks the truth and that I’ll see them both again someday.  I can see how this poem would be one of comfort to those who lost their beloved pet.  Kudos to whomever wrote this poem, which should be considered a classic.