The Catholics FTW

I’m angrier than a fish out of water over this next story and the fact that it’s only coming to light now.  The Catholic Church has finally released Infinite Dignity, a twenty-page proclamation that rejects the idea of “gender theory,” which state that one’s gender can be changed from what it was at birth.  There are just two genders, after all.

For faithful Catholics such as myself, this is good news.  Finally, some validation that all this transgender and gender-changing sickness are both evil.  They, the Church said, robs one of human dignity.  The document also attacks surrogacy, which they say threatens the dignity of both mother and child.

As one might imagine, the Church has a serious problem with “gender-affirming surgeries,” so much so that the Church rejects it.  The Church goes on to say that intervening in gender assignment is at odds with the dignity one has at birth.

Changing one’s gender is not dignified.  It is horrific and immoral for someone to mess with gender assignment.  I’m glad the Church has stepped forward and has done the right thing here.  Too many churches are accepting of transgenders and that cannot stand.  Transgenderism and Christianity are not compatible.

I know it might not be easy for trannys and those who support them to hear this, but when one changes one’s gender, one is spitting in the face of God for rejecting what He gave the person.  Gender change is evil and evil must be exposed and shunned.