A touch of class

I’m angrier than an Albany New York police officer with no one to physically or sexually assault over this story, gentle reader.  That’s because I can’t believe that I haven’t written this post up until now.

I speak specifically of a song called Around the World (La La La La La), performed by ATC, a now-defunct German eurodance.  It was released in May of 2000, and it was without a doubt the group’s most popular single, peaking at #20 on the US Hot Dance/Electronic songs charts by Billboard.

Contrary to popular belief, the song is not entirely original; the music is a cover of a song by Russian group Ruki Vverh!  That song is called Pesenka, and it debuted in 1998, two years before ATC’s version.  Turns out Around the World wasn’t as original as I thought!

Around the World, and in turn Pesenka, was sampled in Magic Melody, a song by beFour, known for sampling eurodance group 2 Unlimited’s 1993 hit No Limit.

Even though Around the World wasn’t an original like I thought back when it debuted, I still rather like it.  Give it a listen!