Outrage is right!

I’m angrier than a girl scout who sold no cookies because of this story.  It seems that there’s an eleven-year-old girl, Laura Toney, in Washington state who just wanted to start a faith club at her school.  She got shot down, an apt metaphor given all the shootings going around schools.  Her idea was rejected, but at the time time, a group who wanted to start a “pride” group got their way.

This is disgusting.  One media outlet even went so far as to call it an “outrage.”   Creekside Elementary School of Sammamish seems to think they can allow a bunch of LGBT people to be prideful while Christianity is shunned.  It makes me wonder if the school is staffed by monsters.

It is indeed a sad state of affairs at that school.  It sickens me that a bunch of hippies can get what they want while an innocent little girl is left out in the cold like a homeless man on the streets.  What monsters.

Principal Amy Allison is ultimately the one who is responsible for this heartache.  I reached out to her for a comment, but her out of the office autorespond indicates that she is out of the office until the 15th.  How convenient.  So, I reached out to Shaun Cornwall, who is the vice principal. He, too, is out of the office until the 15th because of “spring break.”  That’s also convenient, right?   I’ve reached out to the school district.  Let’s see if they’re out of the office too.

In the interest of playing fair, I’ve reached out to Bethany Rogers, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent. To be fair, I sent my email after hours their time, so we’ll see if I get a response tomorrow.  If I do, I’ll update this post at the bottom.

I have some concerns that the poor little girl’s First Amendment rights are being trampled on and to me that sounds like a good reason for her parents to sue the school and the school district for tons of money.  They should be made to pay financially for spitting in her face.

Where will this story go?  I’ll keep an eye on it because I want to see if the school has a change of heart and actually grows some morals.  It is the LGBT club that should be banished because it’s immoral.  A faith club is all about morals so it should be allowed to stay.

Shame on Creekside’s staff!