They did it to themselves

I’m angrier than a laptop user who left his power adapter at home over this story.  Anyone who reads my site knows that I find transgenderism to be disgusting.  What angered me the most is what my now former gym, Planet Fitness, did in response to a tranny member being allowed to use the wrong bathroom.  A fellow member in Alaska took a picture that exposed the gym’s dirty deed and for her efforts she was banned.

Planet Fitness has lost a lot of members and has had negative publicity ever since the disgusting affair was exposed for all to see.  Now, numerous locations are experiencing bomb threats.  So far, twenty-eight locations in eleven states are getting their due.

 Planet Fitness allows its members to use the bathroom that aligns with their “self-reported” gender as opposed to the gender into which they were born.  I mean, what’s the point of having separate bathrooms now?  It’s sickening!

Kudos to the member for exposing Planet Fitness and to the members who, like me, canceled their memberships over this situation. 

Now, of course, Planet Fitness is playing the victim, with its founder, Mike Grondahl, whining that the whole thing has, “pretty much destroyed” the well-known and, up to this point, popular gym.  Yeah, well, dude has to realize that his company pretty much deserves it for not upholding common decency.

Yahoo! Finance reported that some members felt “uncomfortable” with the situation, which explains why so many members are jumping ship.  Other members are being kicked out for not doing Planet Fitness’ bidding.  It’s enough to make anyone sick!

I think that it’s a sad day when a gym won’t stand up to its disgusting and immoral members by forcing them to use their birth-assigned gender.  That seems like the right thing to do here.  Clearly, Planet Fitness doesn’t care about doing the right thing, which is why I’m glad that I’m one of the members who canceled out on them over this.

If, in fact, the gym is “destroyed,” then they have only themselves to blame for jumping on the “woke” bandwagon.  They should have done the right thing.