A monster got his due

I’m angrier than a bird without a bath over this one.  My anger lies in the fact that the subject took so long to be executed.  Indeed, a few moments ago, it was confirmed that a monster has died.  Brian Dorsey was given the needle as retaliation for two murders.

Despite the efforts of his supports who submitted petitions, who called politicians’ offices and who generally made pests of themselves in a vain effort to save a monster’s life.  Despite attempts by over 70 corrections officers, each appeals court turned Dorsey down.  Clearly, they saw through the stunts.

This evening at 6:11 p.m. local time,  Dorsey was finally executed with incident, which will likely make a lot of people mourn a double killer, thereby showing that they condone what he did.  Maybe those who support him are monsters as well, right?  Right!

Missouri doesn’t mess around.  Although this is only the first execution in the state this year, last year they put down four dirty dogs.

Earlier today, I reached out to numerous supporters asking for comments, but not a one of them responded.  Maybe they’re ashamed.  Maybe they’re afraid of the heat.  Who knows?  But their silence speaks volumes.  They condoned a killer.

In response to numerous people approaching the governor’s office with petitions and so forth, one media outlet reported the response from his office:

“Today, Governor Mike Parson confirmed that the State of Missouri will carry out the sentence of Brian Dorsey on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, as ordered by the Supreme Court of Missouri.”

Every death row inmate gets a last meal, and Dorsey was no exception.  Reports indicate that he had the following for his final meal before he gets what he deserves: two bacon double cheeseburgers, two orders of chicken strips, two large orders of fries, and a pizza with sausage, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms and extra cheese.  That is way more than he should be given, but what the hell…give him his precious food.

What’s really outrageous about his last meal is that his victims never got their last meal before he sentenced them to death.

Also, every inmate gets a final statement, and Dorsey wrote one out in sloppy handwriting. Dorsey claimed that he was, “truly deeply…sorry.”  He went on to say that he has, “peace in [his] heart.”  To everyone involved, he has, “no ill will.”  As if that weren’t bad enough, he also wrote, “Words cannot hold the just weight of my guilt and shame.”  Funny, that.  He only showed his fake remorse when it was time to beg for mercy.

Words from a monster.

My sincere thank you goes out to the jury, the judge, the appeals courts and SCOTUS for standing up for what’s right and giving Dorsey his just desserts.

We can all rest a little bit easier tonight knowing that Brian Dorsey is no longer a threat to all that’s good and decent.  May he burn in hell.