I’m angry that it even exists!

I’m angrier than a homeless person without spare change over this one.  So much so that I can’t even summon the strength to pick up the Vanilla Coke can to my right.  This has to do with the WIC program.  I’m angry that it even exists.  Why can’t people just get a job?  No, that’s asking too much of them.

NBC News is reporting that “low-income” families will be given even more free money to spend on vegetables and fruits.  As if they don’t already have it so good. NBC News reports that over six million families are enjoy free rides because of WIC and new rules which make this change possible.

The state agencies that oversee the WIC program have until 2026 to ensure that the changes are made.

If there were any justice, the WIC program and for that matter the SNAP (food stamps) program should both be discontinued immediately.  Let families fend for themselves and if they can’t, the kids should be seized and placed with families that can afford them.

It angers me that WIC exists, but it angers me even more that WIC recipients are about to get an even better free ride at our expense.