What a waste of resources

I’m angrier than a crocodile with no human to munch on over this next story.  For the life of me, I cannot explain man’s obsession with the moon.  We wasted tons of money sending astronauts over there, and for what reason?  To satisfy our curiosity?

Well, the White House has gone crazy, all right.  They’ve ordered NASA to come up with what is essentially a time zone for the moon.  I mean, a time zone for the freaking moon?

It seems the USA fancies itself a rule setter for the moon “and other celestial bodies,” according to NBC News.

Who cares of the measure of time differs between earth and the moon?  Would it really change our day to day lives?  How much is this going to cost us, the taxpayers?  These are all valid questions that no one has dared to answer yet.

NASA wants to send more humans to the moon to establish a lunar base.  The program is called Artermis. What gives us as a nation the right to do such a thing?  We don’t own the moon!  Why should we piss away good money on something that doesn’t affect us one way or another.

I don’t see the point of messing around with other planets or the moon.  Our tax dollars could be much better spent.  And what would we accomplish?  A few photographs, perhaps?  Who cares?

NASA really should be dissolved.  We should be focusing on what’s happening here rather than what’s going on out there.