It’s a complete waste

I’m angrier than a taxpayer who just realized some of his tax dollars are going to fund pointless exploration of outer space and the moon over this next one right here.  A few hours ago, I posted an article that outlined a plan for NASA to come up with a time zone on the moon.  What a waste!  What a pathetic way to piss away our money!

Now, NASA is sending jets into the sky to closely monitor today’s eclipse, one that’s supposed to hit my neck of the woods at about 3:24 p.m., mere moments from now according to local media reports that I can’t escape.  But I’ll be inside because I have better things to do than gawk at the sky like some kind of idiot.

Today, NASA will be exploring the sun and other things and they’ve apparently decided that an eclipse justifies wasting our tax dollars.  I mean, how will it possibly benefit us to study the sky?  Who cares about what’s going on up there when we need to be focusing on what’s going on down here?

First, we spent money going to the moon despite the fact that it served no useful purpose other than to satisfy man’s curiosity, but curiosity is no reason to abuse and misuse taxpayer dollars.  Then, NASA spent probably billions of dollars on making and sending out satellites that studied Mars and are still studying deep outer space.  It should be enough to make anyone sick!

I’m enjoying a hearty laugh at the expense of the idiots and fools who are standing around, gawking at the sky, waiting for the moment that they’ll see the eclipse and many of them will be waiting for “totality,” which, as the word implies, will be a 100% completion of the moon obstructing the sun.  What idiots!

No, there is no reason to explore space, but NASA does it anyway.  It’s high time for NASA to be disbanded and in so doing, we will have money for things that actually serve a purpose!