Death by surprise?

I’m angrier than a district attorney who has to send ill-gotten money back over this next one, and we should all be furious. That’s because of the fact that we, as a country, are sitting ducks.  We could fall victim to a nuclear attack and we could all die a very painful death and the attack could literally come out of the clear blue sky.  And, most likely, we won’t even see it coming.  What I’m talking about here discusses a surprise attack. Of course, we’d be able to devise and launch an attack if we have days, hours, minutes of unrest and hints.

Earlier today, I posted an article about what would happen minute by minute if we were to be attacked by surprise.  Well, just a bit ago, I encountered another article that details what would happen to us should North Korea nuke us.  I doubt that they have the balls or the resources to do so, but I’m going to humor the author.

An ICBM named “The Monster” would, in this hypothetical scenario, be launched and within minutes, sensors 22,300 miles above the planet would detect the heat signature and thus begins the end of the world.  Alarms would go off, triggering series of events that strike fear in every person in the country.

Fighter jets are on warm standby and now they await the orders that the pilots hoped would never come.  But this is the new reality.

Two minutes after the launch, the nuclear command bunker under the Pentagon is activated and they start working fast to notify the president and they start preparing an almost immediate retaliation.  Indeed, a minute later, the president is notified and out comes the nuclear football, which is always within reach of the president.  In this brief case is equipment and a binder that gives him a bunch of different scenarios that will decide how (not when) we will retaliate.

Nine minutes after the launch that will end the world, in Alaska we get our first sight of the missile, confirming a worst-case nightmare come true.  One minute later, our president is in a bunker, where he will make the decisions that will spell doom for mankind.

I could go on and on paraphrasing the article, but surely you’re beginning to get the idea.  Our president and our military are well-prepared.  Let’s face the facts: we’re not prepared enough to stop the attack, but we can retaliate before we turn into piles of ash.  In other words, when either Russia or North Korea launches the first strike, our fate as a nation and a civilization is sealed: we’re fucked.

Now, there’s always a possibility that it could be a fake launch that’s designed to troll us into triggering Armageddon, but the fact is that it’s a 99% chance of being real.

In order to get to North Korea, we must first fly over Russia, so there are serious attempts to get a hold of someone there, advising them that they are not the target.  If we don’t warn them, then Russia will launch a retaliatory strike and things will go from bad to worse.  The world will end within an hour.

The fact is, according to the article, that in a fraction of a millisecond, the ICBM explodes over its target, vaporizing humans and causing untold devastation.  If such an attack hits the Pentagon, our country will be brought to its knees.

Everything in and near the Pentagon is hit and ruined.  We will be back in the stone age.

Someone finally gets a hold of Russia, but those in command there are not impressed and they are, to put it quite frankly, ready to get into the game.  Thousands of warheads are about to explode in the sky courtesy of Russia and that’s in addition to the launch from North Korea.  We cannot possibly fight back.

The article goes on and on, listing step by step what would happen to us if we were to be nuked, and let’s be honest here: it’s a matter of when, not if.  Those of us of a certain age will be alive to witness the event unless the nuclear warheads strike above us and we’ll be vaporized before the signal can even get to our eyes.  We are finished.

But that’s not all!  Millions of people in other countries will be dragged into it and millions are dead or dying.  And it will not be a painless death.  Not at all!

Families will be torn asunder and we won’t be able to contact our loved ones to say goodbye.  Imagine somehow surviving an attack and overcoming radiation poisoning and walking the earth at the same time as your surviving loved one only to realize that, even if that person is a mile away, you will never see them again.

When we are attacked, it’s no secret how we will respond.  While some of the information is classified, our government has allowed the media to come in and document as much as they can without giving away our secrets.  You see, our government wants the enemies to know how prepared we are.  They want them to know what hell will rain down upon them if they launch against us.  That’s probably why neither Russia nor North Korea have launched, despite numerous threats to do so.

Our military is tested and conducts drills often.  We are prepared, but we are vulnerable.  It might very well be pointless to be on standby twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Let’s be realistic here: our government has lulled us into a false sense of security by using the Emergency Alert System, which came after the Emergency Broadcast System, which itself came before CONELRAD.  All of these things were and are designed to alert us to nuclear war, among other emergencies.  But unless we have advanced warning, the EAS will be useless.  

As a former master control operator, I can tell you that the EAS is tested weekly and monthly, and a test that exists now when it didn’t when I was an MCO, tests a nationwide alert that will mostly likely be used in the event of a nuclear attack. If there’s time for those in charge to get their act together to make an alert happen.

Those of us who didn’t have time or resources to get to a bunker will absolutely be on our own.  People will cause mayhem and panic, but the roads will be filled with people trying to get away.  It will be hopeless and unavailing.  It’s all well and good to be a “prepper,” stocking up on food and water, but the reality is that preparing is pretty much useless.  But if it makes someone feel better, prepping is absolutely an option.

And let’s be prepared for the civil unrest.  Those who were above ground and somehow survived will die within three days because of the radiation.  Prior to that, people will kill each other for a slice of bread.  It should strike fear into the heart of even the bravest man amongst us.

We could go on and on for hours about this, but the grim reality is that these drills and tests are going to give way to reality.  There’s no way we’d win a nuclear war.  There’s no way that the majority of us will live to see the end of the world.  So don’t panic.  

Just sit back and accept it.  It’s coming for you.