A monster goes free

I’m angrier than an “escort” without cell phone service over this one.  It seems that monster Chase Daniel  Jones, 18, who I feel willingly, maliciously and intentionally murdered people while driving at 112 mph has been set free,
so that he is free to murder more people, which he probably will do
tonight.  He’ll do it again and he’ll smirk just like he did at a court hearing.

No, the judge didn’t give a crap about public safety. 
The judge didn’t think for one second about the victims that he left in
his wake.  Nope, there is no such thing as justice in this story,
folks.  The judge, a bigger monster than Jones, let him walk on a mere $100,000 bail, which is easy money considering that he comes from affluence.

Who is that monster of a judge?  Why, it’s one Johanna Bender,
54, of SW Dakota Street in Seattle, according to public records, seems to be
professionally accomplished, but she knows nothing of being a decent
human being.  If she were decent, you see, she would do all that’s
within her power to keep Jones away from society, especially given that he’s caused two crashes before.

thinks that Jones poses no flight risk, ignoring the fact that his
family is filthy rich.  Jones is probably out of the country by now,
never to return, which means he’s tap dancing out of accountability, and it’s all Bender’s fault.  

A family member of the deceased pointed out:

“This was no mistake. This was a willful act,” Wilcoxson said. “He never
braked, never swerved, never released the accelerator. He hit that van
so hard that my daughters, their friend, and teacher were killed

Bender doesn’t care.

Thanks to his affluent family,
who posted bail for him, he is free to flee the country or murder
others with a car.  By posting the bail, his family, also monsters, is
spitting in the face of his victims’ families.  They clearly condone
what he did and they want him to do it again, which is why they posted
his bail.  They should have chosen to keep society safe and refused to
post his bail, but no, they are all enjoying a laugh right now, like the
monsters that they are.

When he kills more people with his driving, and I do mean when,
blood will be on Bender’s hands.

Bender doesn’t care about you.  If she did, Jones would still be locked up.

So if you’re in the Seattle and Kent areas, just be very careful.  If Jones hasn’t
already fled the country, he’ll be driving, searching for his next
victims.  He is a cold-blooded monster with scumbags for attorneys:
Ashwin Chander Kumar and Bradley G Barshis.  Barshis is the scumbag who begged Bender to reduce his murderous client’s bail from one million dollars to one-hundred thousand dollars.

Don’t forget that Jones, who ended lives, is allowed to live his.  He can still breathe, move around and go to work.  If his employer doesn’t fire him, then they are saying that they approve of what Jones did.

Although Jones, of
Kent (I’m working on an address), has been put on monitoring equipment, those things are easily
taken off, and given that he is in fact a monster, he, as I said, is
probably out of the country by now, laughing about what he did to
innocent people.  Otherwise, he’d have either offed himself or at least
he would have pleaded guilty and immediately accepted accountability.