Give him what he wants! NOW!

I’m angrier than a reporter without his notepad over this next one, folks.  I’m angry because the subject hasn’t been given the needle yet.  Earlier this week, I discussed the death penalty and the fact that I fully support it.

It has been reported that an Alabama thug is, from prison, begging to be put down as a result of slaughtering innocent people. Derrick Dearman, 36, has dropped all of his appeals and is shouting at the top of his lungs that he should die in order to bring the families of his victims “justice.”

So, hey, give him what he wants!  He went down for six counts of capital murder.  Let’s get it done quickly/  I am confident that they could get their act together there in Alabama and execute him on Monday.

Then again, a good punishment would be to keep him alive so that he can suffer daily as opposed to suffering quickly what with the needle in his arm and all.

Time will tell if he will indeed get what he wants, but it would be true justice for his victims’ families.