Maybe Lobo WAS right!

 I’m angrier than a horny man without a sex partner over this next story.  It enrages me that people are actually jumping to Albany’s defense after a sports commentator, Rebecca Lobo, threw shade at the city and implied that there’s nothing to do here.  They’re angry that she was right, something a local newspaper columnist admitted.

Lots of people crawled out from under rocks to point out what they think are things that a visitor such as Lobo could do.  As one might expect, their protests fall on deaf ears with me and anyone else with common sense.

Kristi Barlette wrote, “Restaurant owners shouted out about their eateries, and politicians defended their great city.   But the more defensive those invested got, the clearer it became Lobo may not have been wrong.”  She is absolutely right, gentle reader.  And that enrages people.

Barlette tried to defend the city by saying that while there may not be things to do on a Monday night, there are, she claims, things to do on a Friday night.  I’ve lived here for thirteen years, and I can tell you that, no matter the day, there is absolutely nothing to do on any night of the week.  This city is boring and people should avoid it if they possibly can.

There apparently used to be a healthy night life here, but today there is no night life.  Of course, I’m forty-six and I’m way too old to go clubbing, but other people are young enough, but they find themselves disappointed because the city, with a few exceptions, shuts down at night.

Lobo was right, folks.  Admit it.  Accept it.  Live with it.