He got his comeuppance!

I’m angrier than a porn addict without his laptop over this next one, folks.  I’m enraged that a victim didn’t kill his aggressor rather than just attack him.  The story takes place in New York City, where a loser tried to rob a man of packages sitting on his porch.  That right there is worthy of a bullet between the eyes.

The victim emerged from his home armed with a baseball bat, a move which shocked the would-be thief.  I guess he expected to get away with it.  Well, not this time, folks.  Not this time.’

The thief cried out, “oh, –it!  Yo, yo, yo.”  Well, yo yourself thug, who’s probably illegal anyway.  The coward tried to claim that the packages were his, but survey says…that was a lie.  The cops arrived and the worthless attempted robber fell face down on the sidewalk, screaming that he needed medical attention.  Funny that.  He was well enough to try to rob someone.

Ultimately, the pond scum was arrested, with charges hanging over his ghetto thug head: petit larceny, criminal possession of stolen property and criminal trespass.  Let’s hope he gets shanked in lockup.